At Valorme, there is a maximum of 6 students at a time. Students are accepted on the basis of ability, with the first person to sign up for a given week determining the level of instruction.

The courses are designed for people having an elementary to advanced level.
Courses for beginners can be organized for a group of three participants minimum.

The levels correspond to the following profiles, bracketed (A2, B1 ...) and refer to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)



Elementary (A2)
I studied some French in school but I've had no chance to practice and/or I studied for about two years in a language school, a few hours a week.
I can communicate in routine tasks when I travel, I can describe my background, my family, my job.
I can understand simple sentences if the other person speaks slowly.
I have studied verbs in the present, past and future tenses but I still make mistakes.


Intermediate (B1 to B2)

I studied French in school for at least 4 years and /or I took French courses for at least three years. I've had opportunities to practice the language in France or in my country.
I can talk about familiar topics, narrate a story, talk about a project, explain a point of view even if I make mistakes and need practice to be more fluent.
I understand when people talk to me directly and not too quickly, I also understand the main points of television programs although not necessarily the details.
I have a theoretical knowledge of the French language, I have studied most verb forms but I need revision and practice.


Advanced (B2 / C1)
I can express myself with a good degree of fluency (although I still make mistakes), I can understand most TV news and current affairs programs, I can discuss and give my opinion on a variety of subjects.
I can read a newspaper, a novel without too many problems.
I would like to speak more fluently and be more grammatically correct. I would like for example to make better use of all the pronouns, use the subjunctive, discover colloquialisms and adapt my vocabulary and expression to different levels of language.


The calendar shows the dates for each level.
Green weeks ("all levels available") are still open, whatever your level is.

  Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, for advice or for a telephone interview.